Chad  Scott

Chad Scott

With the grit and soul of Lenny Kravitz and the feel good vibes of Jack Johnson, Singer/Songwriter, Chad Scott's music will lift you up, warm your heart and inspire you to leap over mountains. "My goal is to awaken greatness in as many lives as possible with my music and the teachings of yoga...people manifesting their greatest qualities means a world with less violence, less frustration and more smiles." Chad spent most of his youth participating in high adrenaline sports and high finance. While on a surf retreat, he was introduced to the acoustic guitar and had a life changing experience. Shortly thereafter he moved to Los Angeles to study and devote his life to music. "The light bulb just went on and I knew from the first chord I played that this is what I was meant to do." Today Chad runs his fiscally sponsored non-profit organization, "The Feel Good Music Project", which aims to change the lives of thousands of at risk youth with positive music, yoga and healthy living.