Dr Sue  Ferreira

Dr Sue Ferreira

Dr Sue Ferreira MD is the author of the ebook and creator of the program “Live Your Retirement Dream, which is designed specifically to show Baby Boomers or upcoming retirees how to make more money for their retirement, to enable them to Live and continue Living Their Retirement Dream. The program’s holistic approach recognizes “Financial Advice” or “Life Advice” in isolation will not suffice for upcoming retirees to move forward to attain their retirement goals. Dr Sue Ferreira was born in England in 1947, making her a “Leading Edge Baby Boomer”. After an illness early in her life, which required extended treatment, at the ripe old age of 5 years, she made the decision to become a physician. This led to her graduating in 1971 from the University College Hospital Medical School of the University of London, England, and to further specializing as an anesthesiologist. For more information go to: www.LiveYourRetirementDream.com or Facebook-LiveYourRetirementDream.