Greta  Roberts

Greta Roberts

Greta Roberts’ early career was spent selling software for world-class innovators like Lotus, Netscape, Webline, and Cisco Systems. In this role, it was easy to measure who performed well and who struggled, and clear that some sales reps “just did better” than others - naturally. It seemed it could be incredibly useful to businesses to measure the “it factor,” making certain roles easy for some vs. others. In researching available solutions, there seemed to be consumer tools measuring “personality”, and business solutions tracking hire date, pay scale, etc., “but no business solution measuring people traits in a way that could be useful and, predictive of business performance.” This led Greta to create Talent Analytics, a company that utilizes the discipline of analytics to understand human traits in a way that is useful for businesses. Today, more than 450 companies use her SaaS solutions to quantitatively measure, value and allocate natural traits of their employees.