Sheila  Applegate MSW

Sheila Applegate MSW

Sheila Applegate MSW, Reiki Master, Spiritual Channel As a clinical therapist, motivational presenter, author and teacher, Sheila’s passion is to provide a forum for people to process emotion and integrate spiritual understanding into their daily lives. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Social work from Syracuse University, and a Master’s Degree in clinical Social Work from the University of Maryland. In 1998, after years of studying metaphysics, Sheila was ordained a minister through the Light of Divine Truth Foundation. For over 20 years, Sheila has combined her broad formal training with her continual personal awakening to bring forth the message of Oneness through Divine Love. As a messenger of spirit, she embraces and connects with the vibration of the Divine Feminine. Sheila encourages people to embrace their passions as service on earth by living within the Spirit of Enchanted Oneness. Visit Sheila online at