Andy  McMenemy

Andy McMenemy

Andy McMenemy would tell you he is as ordinary as the next guy, but he does admit to having done some extraordinary things. From climbing the heights of the corporate career ladder holding senior management roles in £500 million and £1.3 billion organisations and jumping off it, Andy constantly pushes outside of his comfort zone. Having completed some of the toughest foot races on earth, including the infamous Marathon des Sables, he is best known when, in 2011, he completed a World Record bid to run 66 Ultra Marathons in 66 consecutive days in the 66 official cities of the UK. Despite crippling injuries, including a damaged Achilles tendon on day 2 and strong medical advice to abandon his attempt, he carried on – and succeeded against the odds. He also proudly carried the Olympic torch in 2012. He is an inspirational speaker and performance development coach inspiring audiences to strive for their potential, and to compete in our ever demanding world, how to develop mental toughness.