Dr. Virginia Crist

Dr. Virginia Crist is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist in private practice in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida. She enjoys seeing individuals and couples who are motivated to lead happier lives. Dr. Crist offers the “LOVE RE-IGNITED” Intensives for those couples who are looking to transform their relationship in a very powerful way and have the Ultimate Outcome. She passionately commits herself to creating a life transforming experience for every patient she sees. Dr. Crist is known for her research on romantic love and encourages the enhancement of intimacy in interpersonal relationships. In addition to healthy romantic love relationships, she also enjoys working with parent/child issues and other forms of relationship issues, as well as individual issues. She has studied and attended numerous conferences on migraine headaches and works with those and others in chronic pain, and has also studied breast cancer and sees victors of breast cancer. One of the things Dr. Crist has done to give back to the community is to have facilitated a weekly breast cancer support group for women and their husbands or partners at the Boca Raton Regional Hospital for one year, and then the West Boca Medical Center also for one year. After two Masters Degrees, Dr. Crist was identified as one of the “Top 15 Counselors in the USA.” Then she pursued a five year doctoral program, and attended Harvard Medical School through the Department of Psychiatry for additional training. Dr. Crist then received Diplomate credentialing by The American Psychotherapy Association. She has been invited as a guest speaker for appearances on TV and live news as the expert, and radio talk shows over 50 times, and as a live speaker countless times all over South Florida at such prominent venues as the only featured guest speaker at the Boca Raton Hotel and Resort for quite some time. She also facilitates a popular group in her office entitled “The Search for Intimacy.” The title of her signature speech is: KEEPING LOVE ALIVE – AT ANY AGE!