Charles  Aidikoff

Charles Aidikoff

The eminent Charles Aidikoff has owned and operated “The Charles Aidikoff Screening Room”- known as is the most discreet room in town- for many of his ninety eight years. He is an iconic legend and has been a major component of the Film Industry almost since its conception from the early age of seven. The Charles Aidikoff Screening Room has been in the fast lane– from playing some of the first screenings of Star War for George Lucas to running early test screenings for Peter Sellers, Orson Wells, Sharon Stone, John Wayne, Denzel Washington, Prince Charles, John Cassavetes and even the Beatles! This private screening room has always quietly hosted the Hollywood elite. Now in a new era of quick delivery digital movies and independent film the fourth generation “Charles Aidikoff Screening Room” stands ready to serve the new and emerging film makers. With a focus on technical excellence and staying on top of new and emerging standards the screening room that has defined what a quality screening experience should be is redefining that standard on a daily basis. Listen to quick witted and warm hearted Charles Aidikoff on “Why We Are Here” with Visionary Host, Sharon Rose Washington as he talks of his days in the Film Industry beginning with “silent film” to today’s high tech screenings and his giving back to many charitable organizations.