Damaris  Drewry, Ph.D.

Damaris Drewry, Ph.D.

Damaris Drewry, Ph.D. Psychology, is an innovator in the fields of Somatic Psychology and Vibrational Medicine and a lifelong student of mystical and esoteric traditions. With Edgar Cayce as a guide, she built the first Vibrational Healing Rooms in the USA at Canyon Ranch Health and Fitness Resort in Tucson, Arizona in 1985. Also during the 1980's she was an "Earth Grid Singer" and was gifted with knowledge that the Human Voice activates the harmonic matrix of the human body the same way sound activates the harmonic matrix of the earth. After that she began her counseling career creating alternatives to traditional psychotherapy using Shamanic Healing, Somatic Psychology, connected breathwork, EFT and NLP (www.BeyondTalkTherapy.com). After clearing her own cancer in 2006 she began working with "incurable" physical like sleep apnea, arthritis, and chemical sensitivities (www.SleepApneaSolution.org). She has taught over 3000 hours of vibrational medicine, sound healing, and somatic psychology workshops for organizations including (ISSSEEM), the American Society of Dowsers, the Institute for Noetic Sciences, the Cymatics Conference (Atlanta), and the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. Website: www.beyondtalktherapy.com E-Mail: DamarisDrewry@earthlink.net