Christina  Seitz

Christina Seitz

Christina Seitz is a VIP Goddess coach who supports women in living juicy, delicious and vibrant lives. Christina works with women all around the globe to help them shift their internal and external realities and embrace a life of purpose and surrender. Christina enjoys reading, yoga, travel, conscious exploration and finding ways to embrace her sensuality in all the different areas of her life. Christina believes that we are all here for an essential purpose, and in order for healing to happen on our planet we all need to step up and fully embrace our purpose for being here; our unique gifts. Her work aligns women to their soul’s purpose and supports them in connecting to the true essence of who they are; providing women with the clarity, tools and transformative power to guide them to living a divinely inspired, fully empowered and joyful existence with ease and grace. Website Email : Twitter: Christina_seitz