Derek  Williams

Derek Williams

Derek Williams Engaging employees and engaging customers is often easier said than done. What seems like common sense can seem more like rocket science in today’s business climate – where the urgent dominates the important and the customer is most definitely king.Almost by accident, Derek Williams has created an incredibly powerful process that is helping organisations achieve both those goals. It’s simple, very simple. Around the world - In schools and hospitals, in manufacturing, financial services, utilities, property management and more – The WOW! Awards is inspiring people to give great service by catching them doing things right.Williams experience makes him one of the leading experts on employee engagement and customer service. But what makes him such a popular speaker, and an ideal guest for Voice America, is his straight forward practical advice plus a passion for people to achieve their aspirations.Derek Williams is the author of “WOW! That’s what call service!” a collection of great customer service stories to inspire and motivate.