Kathleen  Cabot-Smith

Kathleen Cabot-Smith

Kathleen Cabot-Smith is an Executive Coach, author of Riding the Waves Without Getting Wet and the CEO/Founder of LeadersCoreĀ®. She has 25 years of solid, wide-ranging experience, from helping leaders with strategy, change, branding and communications, to assisting executives and their teams with client service alignment, post-merger/acquisition reorganization, developing emerging leader talent, and complex culture change. Her work spans over 200 companies on five continents and her clients include American Express, GE, Goldman Sachs, NASA, Dupont, Dow, Cardinal Health, the Army, USDA and the EPA. A graduate of Cornell University, Kansas State and Hudson Institute, she founded LeadersCoreĀ® to help leaders tell their unique stories, find their authentic voice and create workplaces where people are engaged, inspired and committed to building deeply-valued relationships that galvanize business success. Learn more about Kathleen at www.leaderscore.com