Tallia  Storm

Tallia Storm

Dubbed ‘Tiny Chancer’ by the UK press, on vacation in Hawaii in 2012 Tallia Storm left her demo CD with Sir Elton John’s partner David Furnish in a restaurant. 24 hours later the legendry Sir Elton called her to say that she had one of the most exciting vocal soul signatures he had heard in years. He invited her to open his concert in Falkirk Football Stadium to a sold out audience of 17,000 people at the tender age of 13 yrs. In just over 12 months, her life has changed dramatically performing at a host of live gigs and events around the UK and the USA. And it’s not just her singing talents that are catching the media’s attention. Already she’s been hailed as the new ‘teen style icon’ by leading fashion bibles in London and New York. Photographers snapped her quirky, adventurous and innovative looks at London Fashion Week just last month for Glamour Germany, Glamour Italia, Glamour UK and Company magazine who applauded her on-trend ensembles. http://www.talliastorm.com