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6/7/2022 investing-in-a-rapidly-changing-world

Investing in a Rapidly Changing World

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Eric Coffin, Michael Oliver and Dr. Quinton Hennigh return. Few investors and letter writers combine such an intimate knowledge of the junior gold resource markets and the metals markets in general as Eric Coffin. Listen Now

3/8/2022 how-does-ukraine-fit-into-the-global-jigsaw

How Does Ukraine Fit into the Global Jigsaw?

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Alasdair Macleod, Eric Coffin and Chen Lin are this week’s guests. Alasdair’s February 24, 2022 article, upon which the topic of this show is based, occurred before the Russian invasion into the Ukraine. Listen Now

6/1/2021 inflation-no-worries-says-david-rosenberg

Inflation? No Worries says David Rosenberg

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
David Rosenberg, Dr. Quinton Hennigh & Eric Coffin return. While most investors believe a rising CPI in America is a serious economic threat, David thinks those worries are very much overblown. Listen Now

1/12/2021 mif-letter-writers-share-their-top-picks-for-2021

MIF Letter Writers Share Their Top Picks for 2021

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Peter Ball, Brent Cook, Chen Lin, Eric Coffin and Gwen Preston return. The junior gold and silver exploration stocks have been on fire and with massive monetary inflation required for the U.S. Listen Now

2/18/2020 in-search-of-monster-gold-deposits

In Search of Monster Gold Deposits

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
With equity markets continuing to defy gravity, Jay Taylor will ask Michael Oliver what prospects MSA is seeing for stocks, bonds, commodities and precious metals, while highly regarded Quinton Hennigh will explain potential payoff in investing in elephant size-projects like the Lion One Metals’ gold project in Fiji. Eric Coffin and Gwen Preston will discuss some other exciting gold exploration projects. Listen Now

12/31/2019 making-money-in-mining-stocks-in-2020-part-ii

Making Money in Mining Stocks in 2020 Part II

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Jay Taylor’s guests Eric Coffin, John Kaiser & Chen Lin will provide their economic outlook and their top stock picks for 2020. Jay Taylor will also share Michael Oliver’s latest views on the dollar, precious metals and other markets. Listen Now

11/12/2019 profiting-from-delusional-central-bankers

Profiting from Delusional Central Bankers

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
John Rubino and Eric Coffin return. Nick Appleyard visits for the first time. The world has bought the Keynesian notion that earthly paradise can be engineered by excessive consumption, zero savings and debt-based money created magically by central bankers. Listen Now

8/20/2019 frank-holmes-on-gold-and-markets-in-general

Frank Holmes on Gold and Markets in General

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Frank Holmes, Eric Coffin and Michael Oliver return. Forced by the U.S. to abandon gold-backed money after Aug. 15, 1971, the world has embarked 100 percentage on the use of fantasy money created out of thin air rather than the tried and proven gold-backed monetary system. Listen Now

10/17/2017 where-can-we-find-the-next-novo-resources

Where Can We Find the Next Novo Resources?

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Eric Coffin, Robert Carrington and Michael Oliver return. Last week we listened to Brent Cook and John Kaiser talk about the extraordinary potential of Novo Resources, a stock that has already increased nearly 10 fold over the past few months. Listen Now

8/1/2017 eric-coffin-reveals-his-10-bagger-prospects

Eric Coffin Reveals His 10-Bagger Prospects

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Eric Coffin, Michael Oliver and Ralph Shearing return. Based on his perception of exploration potential, Eric will reveal some of his favorite low-priced mine exploration companies he thinks have the potential to explode to much higher price levels. Listen Now

12/20/2016 is-trump-destined-to-mirror-the-hoover-depression

Is Trump Destined to Mirror the Hoover Depression?

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Dan Oliver, Michael Oliver, Gwen Preston and Eric Coffin return. Drawing from Roman history, Dan was one of the few financial analysts who predicted a Trump victory. But be careful what you wish for, Mr. Trump, because in many ways, you are inheriting a mess similar but exponentially greater than that inherited by President Hoover. Listen Now

10/4/2016 is-brexit-the-start-of-a-global-movement

Is Brexit the Start of a Global Movement?

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Richard Maybury, Eric Coffin and Michael Oliver return. The Brexit vote was a shock to the establishment. But Donald Trump also has the arrogant elite scratching their heads. Listen Now

8/2/2016 is-the-cia-friend-or-foe-of-isis

Is the CIA Friend or Foe of ISIS?

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
F. William Engdahl, Eric Coffin and Michael Oliver return. Behind financial markets are unseen forces obscured from headline news. Listen Now

4/12/2016 how-much-longer-can-phony-fed-money-creation-levitate-stocks

How Much Longer Can Phony Fed Money Creation Levitate Stocks?

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Robert McHugh, Eric Coffin and Michael Oliver return. With some major tectonic shifts occurring in the currency markets now and a threat of chaos from the demise of the yen carry trade, might a great unwind of the latest stock market bubble be upon us and if so, were can investors go for protection from the storm? Listen Now