Nick  Lowery

Nick Lowery

The record-setting place kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs, Nick Lowery has dedicated his post NFL energies to charitable and public service, with a focus on youth. He served three Presidents (Reagan, Bush, Clinton) in this capacity, and is the only non-Indian founding director of the National Foundation for American Indian Education. In 1996 the Nick Lowery Foundation was founded to help disadvantaged youth by developing, promoting, and sponsoring programs and relationships that foster self-esteem, leadership qualities and skills and encourage youth to be positive assets to their communities. This year the Nick Lowery Foundation’s the Image 100 Faces Fundraising event has partnered with the top anti-bullying efforts in Arizona to inspire change and awareness. The event takes place on April 4th. Lowery has a Bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth and a MPA from Harvard University, the first pro athlete to graduate from there. In 2009, he was inducted into the Kansas City Chief’s Hall of Fame. He has received numerous awards and recognitions for his charity work.