Richard  Buckley

Richard Buckley

Richard Buckley from the University of Leicester is the lead archaeologist on the Greyfriars project. After graduating from the University of Durham in 1979, Richard became a Field Officer with Leicestershire Archaeological Unit from 1980 to 1995. During this time he worked on the investigation of Leicester Castle Hall and John of Gaunt’s Cellar (1986), the Shires excavation (1988-89) and the Causeway Lane excavation (1991). In 1995, he formed (with Patrick Clay), University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS) where, as co-director, he manages archaeological fieldwork projects principally in the East Midlands, specializing in urban sites and historic buildings. He was consultant and project manager for the Highcross Leicester Project, which led to three major excavations with a budget of over £4m.