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Dr Ioannis Papasotiriou

Dr Ioannis Papasotiriou is Medical Director of RGCC- Research Genetic Cancer Centre and a medical specialist in molecular medicine. His main interest is cancer genetics with a major focus on chemosensitivity testing and developing screening tests. His research activities lie in the field of cancer drug design and evaluation and in the development of innovative methods of cancer gene or molecular targeted therapies. Born 1973 in Munich, Germany, he graduated Medical School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 1996 served as Military Physician and went on to undertake postgraduate training in molecular medicine at the University of Westminster of London (Distinction pass), then MSc in molecular oncology at Nottingham University and a doctorate as Medical Geneticist in the University of Zurich. He worked as scientific fellow in the department of Human Physiology and Medical Biochemistry in Medical school of Thessaloniki. Today he is Director –owner R.G.C.C. Greece. Contact