Keisha  Conigliaro

Keisha Conigliaro

Keisha Conigliaro Mrs. Conigliaro started her modeling career in the Bahamas. Her success in the Bahamas made her realize that she needed more exposure. At age 17, Keisha packed her bags and moved to Florida. Her tall thin frame made her an ideal model. She got her break when a professional photographer in Boston offered to be her agent and promote her in the Northeast. Keisha embarked on a very successful modeling career and traveled extensively for over 8 years. Keisha is a graduate of Marian Court College with her Associates in Medical Office Administration. Keisha is also a Certified Fitness Trainer and studied Social Work at Salem State University. In 2007, she started La Chic Modeling & Charm School, which serves boys, girls, and adults. The courses consist of modeling instruction, self-esteem, confidence, overcoming peer pressure, interpersonal skills, etiquette, fashion, posture, avoiding eating disorders, and proper hygiene. Her Motto “You cannot charm anyone if you are not charming yourself”