Christine  Ostertag Timmins

Christine Ostertag Timmins

Christine Ostertag Timmins, author of The Upside of Down, grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area; earned a BA in Psychology and Business Education at San Diego State University and then an MA in Education at United States International University. Timmins received both her Teaching Credential and Administrative Credential, and enjoyed a teaching career spanning 39 years – 32 of them from a wheelchair. During those years Timmins worked on curriculum development for the State of California as well as for her district, staff development, and high school reform. During her career she received numerous awards including Freedom Foundation, Teacher of the Year, and the Victories of Spirit Award – a symbol of healing, conquering, and excellence. Active in her community, Timmins has been a member of her local Kiwanis group for 25 years. Additionally, she served five years as President of Tender Loving Canines Assistance Dogs, Inc. Ms. Timmins, now retired from teaching, enjoys being with family and friends, participating in her church and community, choosing flowers for her garden, and spending time with her service dog, Ben. She continues to live in San Diego, California.