Sherrie and Michael  Rubin

Sherrie and Michael Rubin

Sherrie and Michael Rubin’s son, Aaron, overdosed on oxycontin October 9th, 2005. He laid three and a half weeks in a coma, on life support. They began planning their son’s funeral when, against all medical odds, he began to open his eyes. Aaron survived, but the overdose has left him a quadriplegic and unable to speak. In 2009 Sherrie began speaking at schools warning students/parents about prescription medications, drugs and the deadly “REAL” consequences that can occur by misusing and abusing these drugs. On November 24th, 2010 Sherrie and her husband Michael founded, The H.O.P.E. Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit foundation. Sherrie is the executive director. The H.O.P.E. Foundation provides prescription medication and drug abuse presentations independently, and jointly, with the Sheriffs Department, The DEA, The San Diego Prescription Pill Task Force, both public and private coalitions. 1235 sunrise way escondido, CA 92029 T: 760 755-7356 F: Home Fax Phone W: Home URL Sherrie Rubin / H.O.P.E. Sherrie, Michael and Aaron, have been featured on/ In; * Lifetime Network - Teen Trouble with Josh Shipp ( from the creators of Intervention and the former executive producer of The Oprah Show. * LA Times Investigative Series “Dying For Relief” * VH1 - Dr. Drew Celebrity Rehab * KUSI - 2 hour prime time special - Oxy” What your kids aren’t telling you (which won the prestigious Mark Twain Award)., *Over 65 + media, projects, including television, radio and print media from 2010 to present * The Rubin family has also been featured in several documentaries; * Parents 360 RX - The Medicine Abuse Project (by The Partnership at ) * “OVERTAKEN” * “Behind The Orange Curtain” Sherrie and Aaron have also filmed several PSA’s for prescription medication and drug abuse awareness and education. 2 Sherrie, Mike and Aaron have received; • Honorary Service Award -California State PTA • A Civilian Commendation - The San Diego Sheriff’s Department - Sheriff William Gore • San Diego County Proclamation - San Diego Board of Supervisors, Pam Slater Price and Dianne Jacob naming Sept. 4th “The Rubin Family Day” In San Diego County * “Prevention Program of the Year Award 2012” The H.O.P.E Foundation received the award October 2012 in from, The San Diego County Drug Free Coalitions * California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition 2012 - received for “exceptional service and commitment to creating safe and drug-free communities for youth” * State of California Senate Certificate of Recognition 2012 - received for “ outstanding service and dedication bringing millions of people together to raise awareness of the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs” * Sherrie, is also a Founding and Executive Committee Member , of the San Diego Prescription Pill Task Force, 2009 to present. 3