Fritz  Kreiss

Fritz Kreiss

Fritz Kreiss, the founder of Occupy Monsanto, says: "As we watched the Occupy Wall Street movement snowball very quickly into something so very massive, persistent & powerful, we knew it was important for this movement to offshoot in many directions. Having a background in natural health & sustainability, I saw the potential of Monsanto, other agribiz and CAFO companies as perfect candidates for Occupation. Next came the Facebook page;not much later we began to rapidly expand as the idea spread wildly & with great enthusiasm. Soon we began to see articles in a lot of non-mainstream sources about the importance of taking back our food system from these parasitic corporate behemoths who have been poisoning both us & our environment. Then the demonstrations began. Who knows what will come next? All we need to do is see what new ideas we can come up with. There are already grassroots movements popping up with community gardens/farms in every major U.S. city (ours is based in Tulsa)."