Tom  Quigley

Tom Quigley

Solid evidence of Southern California racing's investment in Twitter is Tom Quigley's evolution from railbird to salaried Tweeter. Long a fixture on the rail near the paddock at Del Mar, Tom Quigley has parlayed his perfect attendance at the races into a full-time, year-round job. For a number of years, Quigley could be seen at the same spot on the rail adjacent to the paddock at Del Mar. It became known as Quigley's Corner and now has a sign in place during the race meet. For several years, he has tweeted racing information as @Quigleys_Corner from all three Southern California tracks, Santa Anita, Del Mar and Hollywood Park. Each racing day, he tweets live paddock reports, which horses he likes, links to jockey and trainer standings, Pick 6 updates and other helpful handicapping information. Even before Twitter gained in popularity, Quigley was already known to handicappers as the publisher of HorsePlayer Magazine, which he has published since 1994. The publication's focus has been to help fans improve handicapping skills offering articles geared to all levels of handicappers from novice to expert. A little more than one year ago, in January of 2012 Quigley was named the VIP Player concierge at Santa Anita and tasked with helping to lure out-of-state big bettors to Santa Anita.