Jeannette  Koczela

Jeannette Koczela

Jeannette Koczela’s two great passions are spirituality and creativity. Each day, she supports individual and world peace through three hours of transcendental meditation in the company of 2,000 fellow practitioners in her community of Fairfield, Iowa. Everything else in her life fits around that commitment. She has earned a living as a free-lance fine artist, web designer and graphic artist. Her online products include flash cards, home study courses, digital and print books. She is the author of Money Mindset Makeover. Jeannette’s passion for helping others led to a certification in spiritual life coaching. While mentoring other coaches, she saw a need to enhance their business skills, sense of community and connection with potential clients, culminating in creating the International Association of Professional Life Coaches(tm). The IAPLC offers an online directory, bimonthly Masterclasses, opportunities for publishing and speaking and other business resources for life coaches.