Frank  Bailey, Ph.D.

Frank Bailey, Ph.D.

History Professor Frank Bailey, Ph.D. has taught at Chaminade University for 12 year. His specialty is Hawaiian history. Dr. Bailey is passionate about recognizing, preserving, and ensuring that educators, Hawaiians, and mainlanders are aware of the Hawaiian Kingdom of the past and present impacts on Native Hawaiians. Dr. Bailey, a Native Hawaiian with the given name of Kama`ipi`iali`i, lives his work. Frank, with the help of the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, launched a traveling Hawaiian History Exhibit that tell the true story of a people once colonized and forbidden to speak their language, the remarkable renaissance, and disparities that linger today. Another important part of his work involves a State Department of Education grant on teaching teachers how to teach American history. He is a guest speaker for various companies on the Hawaiian monarchs. Professor Bailey wants to continue and expand his teaching to a modern military history class focusing on the evolution of warfare.