Brenda  Loew

Brenda Loew

Brenda Loew, M.Ac., EAMP / L.Ac. has a private family practice in Seattle specializing in Japanese-style palpation-based acupuncture. Brenda was on the faculty of the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NIAOM) from 1994-2002, and since then serves as adjunct faculty at Bastyr Center for Natural Health; Wu Hsing Tao School in Seattle; and Pacific Rim College in Victoria, B.C. Brenda is a Continuing Education faculty member at Bastyr University, Middle Way Acupuncture Institute, and the Institute for Traditional Medicine in Toronto, Canada. She also teaches post-graduate continuing education classes in Japanese acupuncture in other venues around North America. Her publication, Layperson’s Guide to Japanese Pediatric Acupuncture (Shonishin), will be published soon. She can be reached at