Ashutosh  Sheshabalaya

Ashutosh Sheshabalaya

Ashutosh Sheshabalaya is the founder of IBSAWorld. He specializes in geopolitical change, risk and opportunity. His clients have included Dow, Shell, BMW, Cypress, UBS and Michelin, as well as banks, VC funds, law firms and official bodies in Europe, the US and India. Sheshabalaya began his career as a journalist, after which he worked for Frost & Sullivan, PwC and the European pharmaceutical industry federation. "Rising Elephant," his bestseller about India, was published in the US, India and Europe in 2004. His subsequent writings, on issues as varied as America's jobless recovery, the impending demise of the Euro and the mirage of BRICS, have been cited widely. Routledge includes Sheshabalaya as an original thinker on the sociology of conflict, in a list of 80 writers beginning with Aristotle. McGraw Hill's 'Exploring Globalization' has a chapter dedicated to his works while an Accenture-sponsored book lists him as one of the 50 Gurus of the 21st century.