John  Fraser

John Fraser

John Fraser is Senior Vice President, Internal Audit & former Chief Risk Officer of Hydro One Networks Inc., one of North America’s largest electricity transmission and distribution companies. In his audit role, he reviews key risks in the business, including finance, technology, safety, environment, and operations. Previously, he was Senior Vice President, Quality Assurance, at Newcourt Credit Group Inc., and Director, Internal Audit, at Scott’s Hospitality Inc. John has co-authored publications on internal audit and enterprise risk management, including the CICA’s Questions Directors Should Ask about Risk and 20 Questions Directors Should Ask about Internal Audit. He is co-editor of a 2010 bestselling university textbook, Enterprise Risk Management: Insights and Analysis on Today's Leading Research and Best Practices. John teaches Strategic Risk Oversight for Board Directors at The Directors College and a Master’s degree course on enterprise risk management at York University.