Lynn  Andrews

Lynn Andrews

Lynn Andrews brings spiritual tools & compelling techniques for healing from the spiritual realm to the modern everyday physical world. Her techniques use the power of thought to take you beyond self limitation to other realities. Author of the internationally acclaimed best-selling Medicine Woman series, Lynn Andrews has been initiated as a member of the Sisterhood of the Shields, 44 women who are healers from cultures as diverse as Panama, Guatemala, Australia, Nepal, North America & the Yucatan. Remaining hidden, the Sisterhood has appointed Ms. Andrews as their public messenger. As Lynn shares her ancient teachings of shamanic training she has a rich ability to guide readers experientially, as she says, "Most of us live through ‘borrowed knowledge.’ How can someone sitting in a lecture hall listening to someone else’s dream—and it may be fabulous—make that dream part of your own dream? You do it through experience. I write stories because you come along on the experience with me."