Renee  Morales

Renee Morales

Renee Morales is a remarkable woman who is as inspiring as she is funny. Her take on life and how she has overcome challenges have been an inspiration to many. She will share some intimate details of her fertility struggles and the intimacy challenges that created. She used her scientific training along with her life lessons to turn what many would call a tough hand into something positive and uplifting. She is the of the Sexy Passionate Fertility Summit which covers not just getting pregnant, but also intimacy, using food as medicine, cheating dogs versus super husbands, how to regain passion after grief, and letting go of the unhealthy obstacles holding you back from having a family and a fulfilling future. Renee got her Master's in Biochemistry at LSU, lives in Tucson with her loving, (and supremely patient) science-geek husband and about 12 dozen ungrateful local birds in the backyard.