Wendy  Oliveras

Wendy Oliveras

Wendy Oliveras is a long-time resident of Jersey City, proud Latina entrepreneur, author, columnist, search consultant, motivational speaker and career mentor. She is Founder & CEO of Oliveras & Company, Inc., a prominent full-service legal search firm specializing in the recruitment of intellectual property attorneys and partners in New Jersey since 2001. Oliveras brings 31 years of combined hands-on experience in intellectual property law firms and attorney placement worldwide. Her vision and passion to help others find permanent and/or temporary placement has been her motivation to create a successful staffing company. In addition, Oliveras passionately mentors and motivates girls and women to believe in their abilities and achieve their goals through her recently published book “Let’s Play SHESS.” The SHESS ideology is spreading rapidly and worldwide. SHESS is a play on two words “she” for female and “chess” for the game. It represents “your game of life” and encourages women of all ages and backgrounds to play a fun game of chess and transfer the chess-playing skills into their real life activities, including strategies for business development.