Louis  Lautman

Louis Lautman

Transformational artist, lifestyle designer, philosopher – Louis Lautman is all these things and so much more. Taking his first steps into entrepreneurship at the ripe old age of five, Louis Lautman has been unstoppable ever since. After becoming the youngest sales manager for a publically traded telecommunications company, Louis Lautman decided to follow his true passion in life – helping people. After honing his skills while working for motivational guru Tony Robbins, Louis Lautman began his own results based coaching business. Louis Lautman is also the founder of the Young Entrepreneur Society and has produced “The YES Movie,” described as, “’The Secret’ on steroids meets MTV.” “The YES Movie” (www.theyesmovie.com) is 82 minutes of riveting stories from millionaires who made their fortunes all before the age of 18. For more information, visit www.louislautman.com and www.supremeoutsourcing.com