Kim  McClain

Kim McClain

Kim McClain Ms. McClain found herself on the front lines of the battle against Autism Spectrum Disorders when her daughter was diagnosed with Autism before the age of 2. She has taken the knowledge and expertise that she has applied on her daughter’s behalf and benefit to focus her effort and energy on helping and support other families who are faced with similar struggles that are presented when caring for a child with developmental challenges. Ms McClain provides a unique level of support to her client families being a mother of a child with special needs. She is sincere and passionate in helping children with developmental challenges secure crucial social, emotional, behavioral and educational services for development and progress . She provides proven and effective support, guidance and a map pathway for families looking to navigate the demanding and often confusing world of special needs. McClain Special Education Advocates help families as they navigate IEPs processes, secure assessments; write measurable and appropriate goals, learn behavior management strategies, appeal to denials, support mediation efforts and much more.