Steve  Abel

Steve Abel

Born in suburban Britain, and brought up under the strict but loving care of his parents, Steve Abel seems to have been cut out for an entrepreneurial future from the start. He endured school while enjoying a succession of part time jobs, and really flourished when, with little need for encouragement, he set up his first business at the age of 17. With a clear vision of where he wanted his life to go, Steve embraced hard work as he drove down several business paths in the search for success. From second hand TVs and washing machines, to trying his hand as a property investor and horse racing tipster, it was not until he spotted an opportunity to link the internet with a problem getting deliveries arranged, that he created a truly successful, sustainable business. Steve’s drive for success brought material wealth, and the chance to enjoy the trappings of success and drive the supercars he long dreamed of owning. There has been some personal cost, with divorce from his first wife; but he remains a committed family man, on close terms with his daughters. With business success has come the opportunity to spend more time inspiring, helping and mentoring others, through sharing his story.