Sharon  Birkman Fink

Sharon Birkman Fink

Sharon Birkman Fink is President and CEO of Birkman International, Inc., developer of The Birkman Method®, a leadership and team development tool that reveals the underlying motivators that drive behavior and improve workplace performance. Mrs. Fink assumed her current position in 2002 in a planned management transition for the company that was founded 62 years ago by her father, Dr. Roger Birkman. She is a 2007 graduate of the Owner-President-Management (OPM) Program at Harvard Business School and Birkman International has continued to flourish since her CEO tenure began. The Birkman Method® questionnaire spans the globe nationally and internationally and is offered in 22 different languages. Organizations worldwide use The Birkman Method® giving companies like Right Management (Manpower), Boeing, Pfizer, Proctor and Gamble, Cardinal Health, GAP, and NASA, many universities plus charitable and faith-based non-profits, the scientifically-validated tools to help individuals and teams interact more effectively.