Dr. Ellen  Cutler

Dr. Ellen Cutler

Dr. Ellen Cutler has acquired great expertise in many fields of health care and is a passionate advocate of natural health and healing. She is the founder of BioSET (Bioenergetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy), a system of healing that incorporates enzyme therapy with nutritional counseling, detoxification, and the identification and clearing of food and other sensitivities. Dr. Cutler has authored a number of books and articles, and has been a frequent guest speaker at numerous venues. She continues her clinical work at the BioSET Clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dr. Cutler's newest book was recently released. Entitled "Clearing the Way to Health and Wellness", the book provides an overview of the BioSET system. In it, she gives a number of case studies documenting the efficacy of the BioSET system in a wide range of health problems. Dr. Cutler also explains how individuals can help themselves with proper diet, supplementation, and desensitization.