Jodi  Ambrose

Jodi Ambrose

Jodi Ambrose describes herself as an ex-80s rocker chick, former high school teacher, and in your face author, all rolled into one. Having survived many wild experiences with a strong sense of self and a wickedly saucy sense of humor, Jodi ended up with an axe to grind and a story to tell. Luckily, through all the craziness along the way, she took notes, and it’s those notes that helped her to write her first two books: Intimacy: How to Get more of it, and Sex: How to get more of it. These books help unlock the mysteries to relationship success in 20 simple steps. Since Jodi’s books were released, she has been a frequent guest on over 20 radio shows, is a relationship correspondent for a popular internet radio show and writes a monthly column for the Acquiring Man Magazine.