Dr. Mark  Schillinger

Dr. Mark Schillinger

Dr. Mark Schillinger, DC, is a change leader in personal growth and family dynamics, teaching parents and their sons how to develop more caring and cooperative relationships. While honoring the masculine wisdom of young men, he teaches parents how to give their sons what they need so that they experience more happiness and can become independent. He is the creator of The RIGHT Way®. This is an integrated method of family unity that combines the sciences of adolescent brain development, parent bonding, personal growth and stress management. It's a proven system that shows parents how to restore caring and cooperative relationships with their challenging preteen and teenage sons. As a mentor, Mark offers personal guidance to young men, helping them find their way through adolescence, engaging them to make intelligent decisions and become more responsible for their lives. Mark's new company, Challenging Teen Age Sons, educates parents how use their personal and gender values to optimize their authority and influence to direct their sons to become more responsible and independent