Dr. Deborah  Walker

Dr. Deborah Walker

Dr. Deborah Walker (Dr. Deb) is the Co-Developer of the Neuro Emotional Technique and N.E.T., Inc.’s CEO and hands-on manager for all activities. She is a regular instructor for the NET seminars and she also is trainer for all Certified NET Instructors. Dr. Deb is the co-creator of seminar training materials and editor of all of the seminar training manuals. Dr. Deb also has a specialized chiropractic practice in Carlsbad, CA, and can be reached at 800-888-4638 or via email at drdebwalker@NETmindbody.com. Dr. Deb graduated with a degree in mathematics in 1972, and continued her education with a doctorate in Chiropractic, which she received in 1978 from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, now called the Southern California University of Health Sciences. Twenty-five years ago in May of 1988, the Walkers introduced NET to the world with the teaching of the first NET seminar in Encinitas, CA. Since then more than 8,000 practitioners have been trained in more than 500 seminars.