Erin  Baxter

Erin Baxter

Erin Baxter is a doctoral student and Graduate Teaching Instructor at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her research focus is on the Chacoan and Post Chacoan (AD 900-1200) Southwest with particular interesting in architecture and ceramics. Erin's dissertation is an examination of historic photographs taken by Earl Morris during excavations of Aztec Ruins (a post-Chacoan great house) and using them along historic documents and GIS to reconstruct a biography of Aztec Ruins. Erin was a professional archaeologist for 7 years (at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center) before returning to graduate school (for an early-midlife crisis), and has had the opportunity to work in Tunisia (Roman) Bolivia (Inka), Turkey (Catalhoyuk), Ireland (Viking), and throughout much of the US Southwest... Erin is from Austin TX, and has a BA in History and Anthropology from Trinity University and an M.S. in Museum Studies from CU.