Dan  Cronin

Dan Cronin

Picking a winner is one thing, picking winners consistently is another. Dan Cronin, or Keeneland Dan, as his Twitter followers know him, is a professional horseracing handicapper. Dan can lay claim to "professional" because of his 25 plus years of horseracing knowledge and the extensive research that he does to pick winners on a consistent basis. Almost too good to be true, this son of a legendary handicapper Hap Cronin and brother of Cincinnati Bearcat NCAA basketball coach Mick Cronin, grew up at River Downs and Turfway Park, and has had some terrific documented hits. They include sweeping a card 14 times with his 1st pick selection winning the entire card. Some big name race days, he had the 2010 Breeders Cup late Pick 4; 2011 Breeders Cup early Pick 4 and nailing the 2012 Travers Day rolling Pick 3 from the 1st through the 12th races.