Christy  Oslund

Christy Oslund

Christy Oslund Holding a BS and MFA from Northern Michigan University; an MA from Michigan State and a PhD from Michigan Technological University, Christy was working on her PhD when she discovered that the reason for her struggles with reading and writing were related to a language processing disorder. Having learned from personal experience the difference that patient teachers/mentors could make versus those who judged her potential based on her struggles, she decided to be the kind of teacher she learned best from – someone who provides hands on opportunities and practice for learners. After 13 years teaching at universities, an opportunity to work in a more focused way with disabled students opened and she became the first Coordinator of Student Disability Services at Michigan Tech University, a highly competitive STEM university where approximately 12% of the students live with predominately invisible disabilities. A high percentage of these students are an the Autism Spectrum while also living with other invisible disabilities like ADD, dyslexia, obsessive compulsive disorder, and affective disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder. My blog is at And a site for more info about the book