Prakash  Santhana

Prakash Santhana

Prakash Santhana, Director, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP, worked in the fraud/risk management groups of large credit card issuers and payment startups for 18 years prior to Deloitte, and co-founded an investment management company focused on detecting insider trading. He has extensive experience in the types of fraud committed and the analytics to detect fraud at the point of sale including credit and debit card fraud, ACH fraud, check fraud, online fraud, and online application fraud. Prakash managed global fraud reporting and analytics for one of the largest global credit card networks, and was a contributing member of their global fraud council of issuers, acquirers and merchants. He now focuses on helping domestic and international banking clients mitigate fraud by employing sophisticated fraud detection and prevention methods. Prakash invented an ‘out-of-band’ fraud prevention solution that Deloitte is developing to help card issuers combat non-face-to-face fraud.