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Harold Ballen

Harold Ballen has been a Practicing Engineer for nearly 50 years. He has spent most of his career working in the Pharmaceutical Industry or in companies that supply it. During that time he has had a wide variety of experiences such as designing specialized equipment and systems, building research labs both domestic and off shore including P3 infectious disease containment facilities, labs to handle radioactive drugs, pathology and toxicology facilities and systems for a major chemical production campus. In 1975 he was licensed as a Professional Engineer. In 1977 he received an MBA in management and a minor in finance. He was eventually promoted to VP of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Engineering. In 1997 he co-founded Living Well Inc., an alternative health provider. In 1999 he was certified by the Institute of Bau Biologie as a BBEI (Bau Biological Environmental Inspector) He has been practicing Bau Biology since, helping people and business build a healthier environment.