Curry  Glassell

Curry Glassell

“You’re stupid and can’t take care of yourself.” This was businesswoman/philanthropist, Curry Glassell’s experience from her wealthy dad, one of the richest families in the U.S. As a result she was taken advantage of by a parade of lawyers, accountants and family members. They withheld access to her inheritance and assets, and grossly mismanaged her trust funds. While living in the wealthiest neighbourhood in oil-rich Houston, Curry never had a sense of self worth. Beaten and subject to all kinds of abuse, Curry was driven to question the real value of life and what true prosperity meant to her. Curry Glassell made a commitment to herself to have more awareness around wealth and money. She discovered Access Consciousness and with the help of its founder, Gary Douglas, she began to ask questions that changed all of her points of view about money, wealth and abundance. She learned the true meaning of personal wealth and shares these tools in classes around the world.