Allison  Cardona

Allison Cardona

Allison Cardona is the director of the organization’s Cruelty Intervention Advocacy (CIA) program. The CIA program addresses situations where, without intervention, companion animals in New York City are in danger of becoming cruelty victims. To date through this initiative, thousands of animals have been saved that would likely have otherwise become victims of neglect. Cardona has been deployed across the country to respond to cruelty cases and natural disasters. She is trained in technical and large animal rescue, swift water rescue, CPR, first aid, and incident command systems. She is also a member of NYC’s Animal Planning Task Force, a coalition of animal welfare and emergency management agencies that work together to plan and respond to animal issues during disasters. Cardona has a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Affairs from Empire State College and lives in Brooklyn with her pit bull, Turkey, and rescued cat, Rita.