Sharon  Rae

Sharon Rae

Through her work as a professional singer, entertainer, and recording artist, Sharon Rae creates music to awaken and move the spirit. Sharon grew up in poverty and experienced discrimination, sexual and emotional abuse. At 12, she ran away and lived on the streets. She was sexually exploited and became addicted to alcohol and drugs. At 15, Sharon knew she had natural musical talent and found work in bands as a legit singer. Singing became a way to express her pain and anger. She moved to Europe where she became a street performer and a gypsy. While there, she was read the I-Ching and told that her father, who had abandoned the family when she was a baby, was at the root of her suffering. She continued reading books by many mystical teachers and, in her early 20′s, had a spiritual experience that started her on a deeper path of self-discovery. Her daily practice includes Zen, Qigong, Reiki, Yoga and New Thought. Learn more and hear her music at