Tierney  Salter

Tierney Salter

Tierney Salter has been a practicing Medical Herbalist and Clinical Iridologist for the past 30 years. With a degree in Cultural Anthropology she sought the study of Medical Herbalist at the College of Natural Medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico and graduated in 1982. Two years later, Tierney founded The Herbalist- a line of medicinal herbal products made exclusively from wild harvest and organic herbs. The Herbalist, is now a leading manufacturer and retailer in the United States of multi-herbal products, including herbal extracts, elixir tonics, medicinal teas, and therapeutic massage oils. Tierney had educated thousands of individuals regarding their constitutional health and the importance of incorporating healthful lifestyle choices. Tierney and The Herbalist, has earned the respect of the alternative and integrative medicine community nationwide and educated thousands on the benefits and qualities of herbal products.