Mellanie  True Hills

Mellanie True Hills

Following a brush with death in emergency heart surgery, and a subsequent close call with a stroke due to an irregular heartbeat, atrial fibrillation, Mellanie True Hills pledged to leave behind her high-tech executive life to use her second chance to help others avoid heart disease and stroke. As a patient advocate and heart-health expert, she founded the non-profit American Foundation for Women's Health and, a patient advocacy organization that provides information and support for those living with atrial fibrillation. She travels extensively, speaking out about heart disease, stroke, wellness, prevention, and patient advocacy, including at American Heart Association for Women events, hospital atrial fibrillation and health events. From partnering in Facing AFib featuring soap star Susan Lucci and NBA Hall of Famer Jerry West, to following Barry Manilow at the podium in front of members of Congress, atrial fibrillation and stroke awareness are passions for Mellanie.