Aviva  Goldfarb

Aviva Goldfarb

Aviva Goldfarb is an entrepreneur, author, family dinner expert, and creator of the Six O’clock Scramble. Her mission is to bring back the family dinner. Aviva is the mother of two very active teenagers with formerly picky palates, and knows what a challenge it can be to get healthy homemade dinners on the table that everyone will eat, and at a reasonable hour of the night. As the founder of the dinner planning service, The Six O’clock Scramble, she has learned not only how to serve up healthy meals for her own family, but also help thousands of busy families make nightly dinners a reality. Aviva has been featured in national media outlets such as The Today Show, The New York Times, USA Today, O Magazine, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Real Simple, and many others. She is also a weekly contributor to the Kitchen Explorers blog on PBSparents.org. For more information visit www.thescramble.com.