James  Moed

James Moed

James is a business designer and leads IDEO London’s work in financial services. His current focus is helping banks, insurance companies, and others rethink their customers’ relationship to money. His goal is to demonstrate how human-centered design of new offerings, from children’s savings to wealth management, can create value by empowering individuals, families and communities. His clients include: Generali, Bank Audi, TCL, and Camden Libraries. Before joining IDEO, James spent many years developing new business opportunities for media outlets, working with US radio station operators, Japanese comic-book publishers, and MTV Europe, among others. After earning an MBA from INSEAD, he joined Jump Associates, a Silicon Valley design-strategy firm. James also holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Brown University. In addition to English, James speaks enough French, Portuguese, Spanish, German Japanese, and Hebrew to get into trouble anywhere in the world. He also loves street food — and believes that suspicious equals delicious. Feel free to test these theories when he visits your office. Follow @jamesmoed on Twitter.