Vivian  Gaspar

Vivian Gaspar

Vivian Gaspar is the author of: “Stop My Crisis- Be the 1 in 5 – The Business Owner’s and Sales Professional’s Guide to Success”. This book is a compilation of 28 topics written by 27 experts. The topics cover many aspects of how to start a business as well as how to push your business forward to succeeding in all economies. Topics include: business plans, marketing, employment law, business funding and psychological tips for pushing through tough moments. Ms. Gaspar’s second book: “Stop My Crisis – Facing Life’s Challenges Head On” is a compilation of 24 topics by 18 experts. These topics include: ID theft; credit score basics; IRS help; debt settlement; government help for low income families; preparing for natural disasters; divorce; help for the unemployed; help for disabled children; help for Vets; and suggestions for increasing household income. Ms. Gaspar will discuss with us a variety of different solutions to common problems facing Americans today from both her books.